Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lost in translation (Part 1)

Photos of my trip to Japan Part 1

Day 1

Day 2 - Tokyo

shirt Topshop, skirt Minkpink, shoes Converse, bag Alexander Wang

There was one random thing happened when I was at Ginza, which was truly a case of lost in translation: I was waiting for my cousin outside Comme des Garcons, and a boy came to me and asked if I could speak English, seemed like he was trying to figure out the way to a specify destination. He asked every single person he met when he walked along the street, no one could help him. And when I tell him "Yes, I can speak English", he was like the happiest person in this world, smiled like a flower. But as I told him unfortunately I didn't know anything about this place, he became so frustrated, I could totally tell how disappointed he was. He said "thank you" and then turned to the girl who was standing a few meters away, he asked the same question and the girl shook her head, the boy just had to keep walking and keep asking everyone the same question.

Japan, such a magical place, always reminds you that you're just a foreigner, a total stranger to her, and you still fascinate her.

The awkward moment when I had been posing forever, my brother couldn't push the buttom. And as I said "just give up" then he captured it.


  1. a nice trip ... with a super guide <3. ty, eagerly awaiting part 2 )

  2. Beautiful photos. That mustard yellow is so nice on you <3

    The Quirky Queer

  3. Loveee your outfit, all the photos are amazing <3

  4. Love your skirt and the coat <3

  5. beautiful pictures and i love your coat dear :D


  6. In love with your style.
    Love the pictures and that coat is amazing!

    Much Love, M


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