Tuesday, February 12, 2013

for everything a reason

 Carina Round - For Everything a Reason

evil face sweater UNIF from Dolls Kill, nevermind plaid maxi skirt UNIF from Nast Gal, boots Dr. Martens

I love Chinese new year but I'm hating it, besides meeting lots of people and getting asked million questions I don't even wanna hear, the negative is all these familiar faces, the vibe and alcohol really hype me up, it makes me talk too much shit and being a total fool. I must learn to stop.

I went to my grandma's yesterday, I grew up there, my cousin took these photos. The neighbourhood means a lot to me. 

There're lots of things I'd remember forever, but I can never go back.


  1. I love that skirt more than most things at the moment.

  2. holy fuck!
    you have no idea how much i love you<3

  3. So in love with this outfit! I love that skirt!

    fashionlei styled

  4. you chose a perfect setting for your photos.
    Happy new year aurora :) keep taking those huge steps!

  5. This outfit is so cool!
    I saw you on lookbook, i really loved your blog and style !
    Your new reader :)

    Katerina K from myneonrock.blogspot.com

    Happy Valentines ! :D

  6. I am oh-my-god-ding all over that skirt. It's just... Perfect.

  7. That skirt is lovely and so is your blog! Such a huge fan already :)

  8. well..what can i say.. i love Unif, Dollskill and Nasty Gal so... you're perfect!
    love this outfit so much
    and you have such a lovely blog, i love it!


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