Sunday, April 22, 2012


 The XX - Teardrops

headband: forever21
sweater: H&M
shirt: Yesstyle
shorts: local store

I did an Katie Fucking Fitch outfit before, and I just realize this one is kinda like Emily.

By the way, just another fashion magazine (an interactive fashion magazine for ipad) has featured me! I've been always wanting to read this magazine but unfortunately I don't have an ipad. :( Why don't you take a look if you got an ipad? It must be awesome.


  1. Beautiful as always :) I wish I had your closet, cause your outfits are just what I like. To me, your looks transmit confidence and also give the impression that you are kind of a badass ;) in a good way of course!

    1. Aw thank you so much dear! Actually I'm not really a confident person but you guys always make me feel better!

  2. Amazing outfit ! <3

  3. You look fabulous! Congrats of being featured in a magazine, what a great achievement! It's very well deserved, your blog is simply amazing!

  4. holy moly, you're gorgeous!


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