Saturday, January 21, 2012

inspiration #5 again.

Portishead - Machine Gun

#1 Taylor Momsen
#2 Gwen Stefani
#3 unknown(tumblr)
#4 unknown(tumblr)
#5 Alice Dellal
#6 Effy(skins)
#7 Violet E.
#8 Vilma H.
#9-10 Larissa Blintz

I'm so sorry about the lack of update,but tomorrow is our new year day(new year eve tonight,gonna have great dinner),I had a very busy week.I was busy buying things,cleaning my room,and had a hair cut.And the weather is just so bad,it keeps raining,I don't even have any chance to take photos.
It's almost new year,I suppose to be very happy,um... at least ok,but the weather just makes me a little bit depressed.Besides,I can't feel any new year atmosphere,I am so afraid to visit people.I realize that I don't look forward to it anymore,is it me or is it the society?



  1. You choose some of the coolest images for inspiration. Love <3 Society is pretty lame btw.

  2. I love Effy of Skins and Taylor Momsen <3 These are really nice photos!

  3. Taylor Momsen <33

  4. I love the cross print shirt and the velvet one-amazing! Plus i love the Gwen photo :D

  5. Taylor Momsen is awesome. a real fashion icon. I wrote a post about her. xoxo Vanessa


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