Sunday, October 30, 2011

the ripper(from hell)

The Pretty Reckless - Zombie

Hello everyone,tomorrow's gonna be a big day.
I am going to get out of hell and go to the man's world(hell is a great place,you should come and visit,I bet you will love it).
And I come for killing.People suck,you have no idea how much I hate them,I'm gonna kill'em all,and drink their souls.
See you soon.

Jack the ripper
From hell
30 October,2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sherlock Holmes

Hi guys!I bet you know the famous Sherlock Holmes,he is one of my favorite detectives,he also has an amazing signature style.

As Halloween is coming,don't you think that playing Sherlock Holmes would be a great choice when you have no idea how to dress up?(don't fortget to bring a tobacco pipe!)

Here are some "Sherlockish" items I found:

Checked Coat - ASOS

Trench Coat - ASOS

Pleated Trousers - Zara

Shirt - Topshop

Shirt - Topshop

Hat - Monki
oxford - ASOS

Oxford - Topshop

Oxford - Dr Martens

I am not going to party,but I think I would do a outfit post for Halloween,not Sherlock anyway;)
Btw,I changed my user name for some reasons,and I also use the new name as my blog title and url!

(source of the amzing Sherlock art work)

Sunday, October 9, 2011


John Lennon - Imagine

HappyBirthday,John Winston Lennon.