Wednesday, December 7, 2011

docs addict

The Pretty Reckless - Panic

jumper:mom's 90s
boots:Dr. Martens

As you can see,I finally own my dream shoes!I have been suffering alot since Monday but I'm not gonna complain,because everything is worthy.
And this lovely floral skirt was originally a dress,I didn't like the sleeves,so I made it into a skirt.
By the way,I bet you know the Mango loves Lookbook contest,I really wish Lua and Cosette could win.All of those girls are amazing,but I think Lua and Cosette represent the "uncommercial" style,it would be great and encouraging if one of them becomes Mango it girl,it means a lot to those girls who have different styles from the most people,just my opinion anyway.


  1. Wow, your sweater amazing! And this outfit very cool! love your skirt and boots *_* :)

  2. Great skirt! I love it! You are so pretty :)

  3. YAY! I vote for Lua and Cosette as well! So far, Lua's second so it's great. Hope she wins!

  4. love the look, that sweater is amazing!

  5. These are great photos, nice outfit.. oh and I think I have already told you that I love the header image on your blog!

  6. All of your looks are so drop-dead gorgeous!

  7. Madame. just found your blog. The pictures are great! You got a new follower. I would be thrilled if you would visit me and follow me back.

    Bisou from Vienna


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